Members of the Statistical Laboratory



Professor James Norris [Personal Home Page]
Stochastic Analysis, Markov chains, dynamics of interacting particles, Malliavin calculus, coagulation and aggregation, scaling limits

Academic Staff (University Professors, Readers and Lecturers)

Professor John Aston [Personal Home Page]
Statistics: in particular Functional/Object Data Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Neuroimaging, Statistical Linguistics, Seasonal Adjustment and other Applied Statistics

Dr Sebastian Andres [Personal Home Page]
Probability theory, stochastic analysis, random processes in random environment, heat kernels, stochastic processes with reflection.

Dr Sergio Bacallado [Personal Home Page]
Bayesian methods and Bayesian nonparametrics, analysis of Markov models, and applications to biology and biophysics

Dr Roland Bauerschmidt [Personal Home Page]
Probability theory and analysis, in particular in their applications to statistical mechanics.

Professor Nathanael Berestycki [Personal Home Page]
Probability theory. More specifically, Gaussian free field, SLE, dimer model, Liouville quantum gravity, random graphs, random walks and mixing times, branching and coalescing systems, and relation to partial differential equations.

Dr Quentin Berthet [Personal Home Page]
Statistics, Machine Learning, High-dimensional problems and trade-offs

Professor Geoffrey Grimmett [Personal Home Page]
Probability Theory, Combinatorial Theory, Stochastic Models in Statistical Physics, Probabilistic Number Theory

Professor Frank Kelly, FRS [Personal Home Page]
Random Processes, Networks and Optimization, especially Applications to the Design and Control of Networks and the understanding of Congestion Phenomena

Dr Jason Miller [Personal Home Page]
Schramm-Loewner evolution, Gaussian free field, Liouville quantum gravity, random planar maps, random walks, mixing times for Markov chains.

Professor Richard Nickl [Personal Home Page]
Mathematical Statistics: nonparametric and high-dimensional inference, Bayesian nonparametrics, concentration of measure and empirical process theory

Dr Rajen Shah [Personal Home Page]
High-Dimensional Statistics and Large-Scale Data Analysis

Professor Richard Samworth [Personal Home Page]
Statistics: especially Nonparametric and High-Dimensional Problems.

Professor David Spiegelhalter, FRS [Personal Home Page]
Public understanding of uncertainty and risk, Bayesian Methods, Biostatistics, Performance Assessment

Dr Perla Sousi
Random Walks, Brownian Motion, mixing times of Markov chains, Poisson Brownian Motions, Rearrangement Inequalities

Dr Mike Tehranchi[Personal Home Page]
Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Analysis

Professor Richard Weber[Personal Home Page]
Mathematics for Operational Research and Systems; models in Telecommunications and Operations Management; Control of Queues, Stochastic Networks, on-line Bin-Packing, Ergodicity of Markov Processes, Optimal Search, Stochastic Scheduling, Dynamic Resource Allocation, Financial Mathematics.

Affiliated Lecturers

Dr Nilanjana Datta [Personal Home Page]
Quantum Information Theory: Additivity, Data Compression and Transmission for Sources and Channels with Memory, Entanglement Manipulation and the Quantum Information Spectrum

Dr Sumeetpal Singh (Department of Engineering)

Dr Peter Treasure


Emeritus Academic Staff

Dr Pat Altham[Personal Home Page]
Analysis of Discrete Data, Multivariate Analysis, Generalized Linear Modelling, R, Graphical Methods, Statistical Consulting

Professor Philip Dawid[Personal Home Page]
Foundations of Probability and Statistics; Evidential Reasoning; Causal Inference; Graphical Models; Forecasting Systems; DNA Profiling

Professor Michael Dempster [Personal Home Page]
Mathematical and Computational Finance and Economics, Optimization and Nonlinear Analysis, Stochastic Systems, Algorithm Analysis and Applications Software

Dr Doug Kennedy[Personal Home Page]
Limit Theorems in Applied Probability, Sequential Decision Processes, Optimal Stopping, Financial Modelling

Dr Susan Pitts
Nonparametric Estimation and Approximations in Stochastic Models; Queueing Theory; Insurance Mathematics

Professor Chris Rogers [Personal Home Page]
Financial Mathematics, Probability Theory, Stochastic Analysis, Statistics, Mathematical Economics

Professor Yuri Suhov [Personal Home Page]
Statistical Mechanics, Communication Theory, Queueing Systems, Networks including Neural Networks.

Professor Peter Whittle
Sequential Optimisation Problems, Stochastic Processes, Neural Networks

Research Staff (Research Associates, Research Fellows, and other attached academic staff)

Dr Alberto J. Coca [Personal Home Page]
Mathematical Statistics: nonparametric inference, estimation of stochastic processes (especially Lévy processes) and empirical process theory.

Dr Antoine Dahlqvist [Personal Home Page]
Random matrices, two dimensional Yang-Mills measure, free probability, statistical mechanics, combinatorics, representation theory

Dr Arlene Kim [Personal Home Page]
Minimax Lower Bounds, Shape-Constrained Estimation, and Extreme Value Theory

Dr Marcin Lis
Statistical mechanics, combinatorics and scaling limits

Dr Ah Yeon Park
Functional Data Analysis, Functional Regression, Semiparametric Regression, Ozone Trend Analysis, Brain Image Analysis

Dr Davide Pigoli [Personal Home Page]
Functional Data Analysis, Non Parametric Methods, Spatial Statistics

Dr Gourab Ray Personal Home Page
Probability Theory: in particular Random Planar Maps, Random Graphs, Random Walks and Percolation

Dr Kayvan Sadeghi [Personal Home Page]
Markov models and network models with a special interest in the conditional independence structures of such models.

Dr Vittoria Silvestri [Personal Home Page]
Hastings-Levitov models, Internal DLA, random growth models, random walks on quasi 1d structures

Dr Shahin Tavakoli [Personal Home Page]
Functional Data Analysis, High-Dimensional Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Time Series Analysis, Multiple Testing, Shrinkage Estimation, Applications to Biophysics, Finance and Imaging

Dr Tengyao Wang [Personal Home Page]
High dimensional statistics and computational lower bounds for statistical problems.

Dr Elodie Vernet [Personal Home Page]
Asymptotic statistics, Bayesian nonparametrics, semiparametric inference, hidden Markov models and mixture models


Research Students

Tom Berrett
Adam Goucher
SeokYoung Hong [Personal Home Page]
Felix Leditzky [Personal Home Page]
Preeyan Parmar
Sam Thomas

Research Students in Cambridge Centre for Analysis supervised by members of the Statistical Laboratory

Kweku Abraham
Nikolay Baldin
James Bell
David Driver
Karen Habermann
Henry Jackson
Adam Jones
Adam Kashlak
Natalia Kudryashova
Eardi Lila
Matthias Loeffler [Personal Home Page]
Ellen Powell
Cambyse Rouzé
Mark Rowland
Mo Dick Wong

Research Students based at MRC-BSU

Annabel Allison
Daniel Ahfock
Maxine Bennett
Francesco Brizzi
Susan Connolly
Alice Corbella
Evelina Gabasova
Lisa Law
Finbarr Leacy
Brieuc Lehmann
Emma McCallum
Matthew Pearce
David Robertson
Paula Siemek
Claire Simons
Magdalena Strauss
Alexandra Turner
Petras Verbyla
Fan Wang
Lan Wen


Professor Richard Lockhart, Simon Fraser University
Professor Mark Schervish, Carnegie Mellon University

Visiting Students


Administrative Staff

Julia Blackwell PA to Director of the Statistical Laboratory and Head of Department

Dr Eva Myers[Personal Home Page] Computer Officer

John Shimmon Assistant Secretary