The Rollo Davidson Trust

The Trust was founded in 1975 in memory of Rollo Davidson, an accomplished mathematician of remarkable potential, and Fellow-elect of Churchill College, Cambridge, who died on the Piz Bernina in 1970. Rollo's obituary can be found here. Initial funding from the Trust came from the royalties of two collections of papers published in 1973/74 by friends and colleagues of Rollo. The Trust awards an annual Prize for young probabilists and has benefited from the continuing association with the Davidson family.

The Rollo Davidson Trustees have pleasure in announcing the award of the Rollo Davidson Prize for 2019 to

Tom Hutchcroft (University of Cambridge)
in recognition of his many beautiful results in probability theory, including on random and self-avoiding walks, random forests, and percolation theory


Vincent Tassion (ETH Zurich)
in recognition of his extensive achievements in disordered systems and percolation.

Thomas Bond Sprague Prize

The Rollo Davidson Trustees have annouced the establishment of the Thomas Bond Sprague Prize. The prize has been made possible through the enthusiasm of and generous donation by Mr David O. Forfar, MA, FFA, to whom the Trustees express their gratitude and appreciation.