The probability group at Cambridge

  Participating Faculty 

Name Photo Research Interests
Dr. Sebastian Andres Stochastic analysis, random processes in random environment, heat kernels, stochastic processes with reflection.
Dr. Roland Bauerschmidt Random matrices, statistical mechanics.
Prof. Nathanaël Berestycki Gaussian free field, SLE, Liouville quantum gravity, dimer model and random tilings, random graphs, branching and coalescing systems, and relation to partial differential equations.
Prof. Geoffrey Grimmett Percolation, stochastic models in statistical physics.
Dr. Jason Miller Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE), Gaussian free field, Liouville quantum gravity, random planar maps, random walks, mixing times for Markov chains.
Prof. James Norris Stochastic Analysis, Markov chains, dynamics of interacting particles, Malliavin calculus, coagulation and aggregation, scaling limits.
Dr. Perla Sousi Random walks, Brownian motion, mixing times for Markov chains, percolation.


Name Photo Research Interests
Dr. Antoine Dahlqvist Random matrices, Yang-Mills measure, random walk on groups, free probability, regularity structures, integrable probability
Dr. Marcin Lis Statistical mechanics, combinatorics, scaling limits.
Dr. Gourab Ray Random walks, random graphs, percolation, Liouville quantum gravity, circle packing, dimers.
Dr. Vittoria Silvestri Hastings-Levitov models, internal DLA, random growth models, random walks on quasi 1d structures.

  PhD students 

Name Photo Research Interests Advisor
James Bell Stochastic Analysis Prof. J. Norris
Karen Habermann Stochastic analysis, sub-Riemannian diffusions, small-time heat kernel asymptotics Prof. J. Norris
Ellen Powell Schramm-Loewner Evolutions, Gaussian free field, Liouville quantum gravity, branching structures Prof. N. Berestycki
Mo-Dick Wong Gaussian free field, Liouville quantum gravity, random matrices, log-correlated fields and multifractal processes. Prof. N. Berestycki