Schramm-Loewner Evolutions, Lent 2018

Lecturer: Jason Miller


Course description

Lecture notes


There will be two sections for the first examples class, meeting:
  • Section 1: Monday, March 5 at 2pm in MR4
  • Section 2: Wednesday, March 7 at 2pm in MR5
If you would like to have some of your work marked, please submit your solutions to Problems 7 and 12 by Friday, March 2 into Oliver McEnteggart's folder in the M/N CCA pigeonhole in the CMS.

Example sheets



Notes from related courses

Flow lines of the Gaussian free field. Each curve is an SLE(1/4) type curve.

An SLE(128) curve in the square [-1,1]^2 from -i to i.